如果你看到移民和海关执法局(ICE)在行动, 怀疑ICE活动正在进行中, 或者你被拘留了,或者你认识的人被ICE拘留了, call ACILEP for rapid response and immigration legal services (510) 241-4011.

阿拉米达县移民BG大游 & Education Partnership (ACILEP) is a partnership of Centro Legal de la Raza, 阿拉米达县公设辩护人办公室, 以及八个社区组织:


If you have to deal with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or other law enforcement officers at home, 在街上, 或者其他任何地方, 记住你有权利.


你有权保持沉默. 你可以拒绝与移民局官员交谈.

  • 不要回答任何问题. 你也可以说你想保持沉默.
  • Don’t say anything about where you were born or how you entered the U.S.

Carry a know-your-rights card and show it if an immigration officer stops you.

  • 这张卡 explains that you will remain silent and that you wish to speak with an attorney.


  • To be allowed to enter your home, ICE must have a warrant signed by a judge. 不开门 unless an ICE agent shows you a warrant. (他们几乎从来没有.)如果ICE探员想给你看搜查令, 他们可以把它靠在窗户上,或者从门底下塞进去. To be valid, the warrant must have your correct name and address on it.
  • 你不需要打开门与ICE探员交谈. Once you open the door, it is much harder to refuse to answer questions.


  • 你可以简单地说:“我需要和我的律师谈谈.”


  • ICE may try to get you to sign away your right to see a lawyer or a judge. Be sure you understand what a document actually says before you sign it.

Always carry with you any valid immigration document you have.

  • 例如, 如果你有有效的工作许可或绿卡, be sure to have it with you in case you need to show it for identification purposes.
  • Do not carry papers from another country with you, such as a foreign passport. Such papers could be used against you in the deportation process.

If you are worried ICE will arrest you, let the officer know if you have children.

  • 如果你是美国公民的父母或主要照顾者.S. citizen or permanent resident who is under age 18, ICE may “exercise discretion” and let you go.

因为唐纳德·特朗普发表了许多反移民言论, ICE and other law enforcement officers may think they can get away with violating your rights. Sometimes ICE officers lie to people in order to get them to open their doors or sign away their rights. If ICE detains you or you are concerned that they will conduct raids in your area, 你可以这样做:


  • 记住朋友的电话号码, 家庭成员, 或者是你被捕后可以联系的律师.
  • 如果你要照顾孩子或其他人, 制定一个计划,让他们在你被拘留时得到照顾.
  • Keep important documents such as birth certificates and immigration documents in a safe place where a friend or 家庭成员 can access them if necessary.
  • Make sure your loved ones know how to find you if you are detained by ICE. 他们可以在线使用ICE 被拘留者定位器 去找一个被移民局拘留的成年人. 或者他们可以 打电话给当地的ICE办公室. Make sure they have your alien registration number written down, if you have one.
  • You can call the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) hotline number at 240-314-1500 or 1-800-898-7180 (toll-free) 24 hours a day, 每周7天获取您的病例状态信息.

ACILEP provides a rapid response to the legal needs of Alameda residents and families facing imminent deportation or other adverse action as a result of immigration enforcement activities like raids in homes, 工作场所, 学校, 和社区.

Immigrants need experienced and qualified attorneys to fight against the current surge of deportation and detention. 除了, we simultaneously need resources to create a meaningful rapid response network to make sure the community is aware of their rights and can access counsel as soon as they are detained by ICE.

斯坦福大学法学院移民权利诊所的一份报告, on behalf of the Northern 加州 Collaborative for Immigrant Justice (NCCIJ) explains the already dire need for removal defense representation in the Bay Area. 报告发现:

Detained individuals had lived in the 美国 for over a decade
Were separated from 家庭成员s as a result of their detention (approximately half of them were separated from children)

Research shows that the removal of these (often) primary breadwinners from the family unit pushes families into the brink of poverty and homelessness, 可以离开你.S. 没有父母照顾的公民子女. 公共健康保险计划, 寄养服务, and other city and county social assistance programs suffer increased costs as a consequence.

除了 to the deleterious economic impacts of losing a 家庭成员 to detention, studies have found that children whose parents were detained and faced the threat of deportation exhibited significant negative behavioral and emotional trauma. 像这样, not only do families and our local communities experience economic hardship, they also endure psychological turmoil when a 家庭成员 is detained and/or deported.


Nearly one-third of Alameda County residents were born outside of the U.S.
Alameda County residents speak a language other than English at home.

Recent studies show the extremely damaging psychological and physical impact on children if their parents are apprehended detained and/or deported.

除了 to the severe psychological impact of depression and anxiety, 不能集中精力上学或上学, 儿童自残的风险也会增加. The student population of the 奥克兰 Unified School District (OUSD) shows that approximately 11,000名奥克兰学生是英语学习者占学生总数的30%. Over 8,000 of OUSD English Language Learner students were born in the U.S., indicating that one or more of their 家庭成员s are foreign born and that the students are in mixed status families. 目前,有5066名学生是在国外出生的, 这些国家包括: 

  • 阿富汗
  • 缅甸
  • 中国
  • 萨尔瓦多
  • 厄立特里亚
  • 埃塞俄比亚
  • 危地马拉
  • 洪都拉斯
  • 墨西哥
  • 蒙古
  • 尼泊尔
  • 菲律宾
  • 越南
  • 也门

Such diverse immigrant populations exist throughout our region and have long made Alameda County their home.